Branded Aluminium Parasols

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Square Parasol - 3m
Square Parasol (3m)

  Product specifications: Length (closed): 2.62m Panels: 4 Diameter (open):...

Square aluminium parasol
Square Aluminium Parasol

A hardy parasol with adjustable height functionality. This parasol comes...

Aluminium adjustable parasol
Aluminium Adjustable Parasol

Product specifications: Length (closed): 2.3m Panels: 8 Diameter (open): 1.93m...

Classic square garden flagpole
Classic Square Garden Parasol

A variation of our classic garden parasol. This parasol has...

Custom printed garden parasol
Classic Garden Parasol

Our base model parasol. Sturdy steel construction with a printed...

Printed Garden Parasol
Printed Garden Parasol

Traditional garden parasol with an adjustable stem and white coated...